Why Positive Thinking is Terrible Advice

Despite what you have read in countless self-help books and what you’ve heard from many motivational experts, positive thinking can actually be a counterproductive mindset to adopt. Particularly if it’s the only mindset you adopt.

The problem with positive thinking begins when you ignore your own thoughts and feelings, and exclude all other valuable emotions. The valuable emotions that provide you with the life experiences you need to learn from in order to lead your best, most fulfilling life.

And that’s the life we all want to lead, right?

Brought to you by our great friends at Ideapod, this 45-page eBook is an informative and honest guide about the problems associated with too much positive thinking and what you can do to adopt a more balanced mindset.

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What this eBook has to offer

Are you a highly positive person? Do you rely on positive thinking to help you get out of a bad situation? Would you believe me if I told you that you’re setting yourself up to fail?

Probably not, because you’re a highly positive person and don’t believe in failure. But that’s where you’re making your first mistake. Time to step down off the soapbox and listen.

In this eBook you will learn everything you need to know about the movement behind positive thinking, why it isn’t the best approach to use and how you can develop a more powerful mindset that will actually result in changes in your life. 

You will also:  

  • Learn why using only positive thinking doesn't work.
  • Discover why the culture of positive thinking is so popular, yet misunderstood.
  • Explore how positive thinking can actually interfere with your personal growth and development.
  • Learn how to handle self-doubt when it occurs.
  • See how you can use “negativity” as a way to personal growth.
  • Assess your circumstances and see how you can make a positive change.
  • Understand how to stop repressing negative thoughts and feelings.  

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