Are you ready to take responsibility for your life? Tired of playing the blame game? 

"Why Tasking Responsibility is Key to Being the Best You" uncovers the secrets and strategies to living the most successful, fulfilling and extraordinary life you can imagine. If you’re ready to take ultimate responsibility for your life, this is the book for you.  

Within these 45 pages is a great introduction to understanding self-responsibility and the power of taking action. It's filled with practical tips, information and advice to live a more responsible and rewarding life.  

Written by the personal growth experts at Ideapod, this indespensible book provides a blueprint to living the life you've always wanted, in the happiest and most positive way possible.

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What this eBook has to offer

Responsibility is the key to success. 

It'a also the cure for procrastination, self-doubt and lack of achievement. It’s the answer to the problems of self-entitlement, blame and anger. It’s the most powerful attribute you can possess and is the reason that the most successful people in the world achieve great things.  

But how can you take responsibility for your life? How can you make sure that you’re successful in the areas that matter to you? 

Ideapod's latest eBook, Why Taking Responsibility is Key to Being the Best You, answers these questions, providing an informative and exciting introduction to self-responsibility and the power of action.  

You’ll learn how to get past our instinctive response to blame others for the difficulties in our lives and understand the importance of perspective. 

You’ll also stop the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, making you feel entitled. Instead you’ll be equipped to tackle whatever life throws at you and learn that challenges can be overcome with some simple techniques.  

Here's what you'll get:  

  • Action steps at the end of every chapter to implement the theory
  • An understanding of why we try to blame others for our problems
  • Tips to uncover your life’s purpose and how to take action each and every day
  • Strategies to begin taking responsibility for our responses to negative situations
  • An understanding of habits and goal-setting to help you strive towards your best life.

A peek inside the eBook

About Hack Spirit

Most so called “self-help experts” advise you to try techniques like “positive thinking” or “positive visualization” to achieve your goals and live a better life.  

If only it were that easy…  

I learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to being happy than “positive thinking”.  

It takes action every day over a long period of time to create sustainable positive change in your life.  

That’s where Hack Spirit comes in.  

This blog is where we show you practical tips and strategies to help you live a more mindful and better life.  

No fluff or lightweight tips. Just insanely actionable advice that works.  

A note from Lachlan Brown, founder of Hack Spirit  

I created Hack Spirit because I was so passionate about how useful mindfulness and eastern philosophy can be in people’s lives, yet most of the information out there failed to provide it in a practical and simple way. It frustrated me that such valuable knowledge was often delivered in confusing ways.  

So I set out to to change this. I believe that mindfulness doesn’t need to be esoteric. It can be very practical and accessible.  

I’m humbled by the incredible support we’ve received along the way from you, our readers. We’re now one of the largest media sites on mindfulness in the world with over 2 million monthly readers.  

Thank you for being a part of this journey. To keep in touch, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

A further peek - The introduction

Your first kiss. That questionable haircut that looked good in a magazine. Your parents telling you that you had to start taking greater responsibility for your actions.  

All of these are memories most of us have from our teenage years. Some of them can even make our cheeks burn just by thinking about them. The sound of our parents nagging us is still ringing in our ears. But what if they were right? What if taking responsibility for our actions was the way forward?  

Cue the music from The Twilight Zone. Surely it can’t be true? Well actually, it is.  

The Power of Responsibility  

Imagine it’s 1847. Your name is Elizabeth Blackwell, a woman who wants to be a doctor. You apply to twenty-nine medical schools, but you’re rejected from each and every one of them. Undeterred you visit the schools in person to pursue a place, but you’re told that women aren’t fit to be doctors. You’re told that you should either pretend to be a man or go to Paris to study.  

You refuse. By happy coincidence, a medical college has a clerical error and you’re accepted. Yet your male colleagues refuse to work with you and your journey to graduation is full of obstacles, twists and turns, but you persevere. Giving up is not a choice you’re willing to make. In 1849, you become the first woman to receive a medical degree in the USA. You go on to build a medical practice, serve disadvantaged families and create the first medical college for women.  

Basically, you kick ass. You paved the way for the millions of female doctors around the world today. Nice one, Elizabeth.  

So why tell this story? Well, things could have been so different if Elizabeth had given up on her dreams at the first rejection. Heck, if she’d given up at the twenty-ninth. What if she had dressed as a man or moved to Paris, as she’d been advised to do? What if she’d believed what the colleges had told her and decided that, as a woman, it wasn’t physically possible for her to be a doctor?  

But Elizabeth had guts. She took responsibility for her life and pursued her dreams without looking back. She stared adversity in the face and poked it between the eyes. Elizabeth knew that she was the only one who could pioneer her success and took the risks necessary to do just that.  

So are you like Elizabeth? Or like Steve, Richard or Oprah? These are the people who acknowledge that they control their happiness and success, and when they come to an obstacle in the pursuit of their best life, they work out a way around it. They don’t simply give up without trying.  

Or maybe you are someone who, thus far, has refused to take responsibility for your life? When things get tough, you’re more likely to give up instead of taking the path less travelled. You know that your ideal life is out there, but you’ve chosen to live in Mediocre-ville and enjoy it, thank you very much. Taking responsibility seems like too much hassle.  

This book is for the Elizabeths, the Steves and the Oprahs of this world; people who realise that taking responsibility for their life is their job and no one else’s. The ones who understand that blaming others does nothing to propel them towards their goals. Playing the victim in life is a pointless activity and they know it.  

But this is also for the aspiring Elizabeths. The ones that know they need to change but they’re not sure how or why. Maybe that’s you and if it is, you’ve made a commitment to a better life just by picking up this book. That’s a powerful and significant step you’ve made. Embrace it and then charge ahead, fully committed to the process. It’s going to be an interesting journey.  

What will this book do for you?  

So now you’ve established that you’re ready to kick blame to the curb and take responsibility by the horns, you want to know how to do it. That’s where this book comes in. But what can you expect by the time you finish it?  

  • A greater understanding of what it really means to take responsibility for your life and why it’s so important.
  • The power to stop playing the blame game and what you can do when you feel like life has dealt you the harshest blow.
  • A new knowledge of perspective and how it contributes to your views on life and your ability to take responsibility.
  • Strategies to start taking action now and improving your life along the way.
  • The ability to create your new reality and a greater sense of purpose.
  • An understanding that you are in complete control of your responses and reactions to obstacles that appear in your pursuit of your best life.


As you can see, this book is designed to give you a kick-ass understanding of the power of responsibility, as well as the tools you’ll need to move forward and lead the life you want to lead. Follow the action steps at the end of chapter to support you on your way. But let me warn you, you’re going to have to face a few home truths and take a good look at yourself. You’ll have to reflect on decisions you’ve made in the past and some of those could be painful or awkward.  

Taking greater responsibility for your life can also produce some strange reactions from those around you. You may find friends and family are skeptical about your new way of thinking. Don’t let them distract you from changing and creating new habits. Most negative reactions come from people’s own insecurities and are nothing to do with you. Who knows? They may even be inspired to change their way of thinking too and follow in your footsteps.  

Whatever you do, keep your focus on the long term. Change is a process, not an event. This process can get hard at times, but keep going. Keep moving towards a change in your attitude and you’ll soon see the benefits.  

Good luck! 

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