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Hack Spirit is dedicated to providing simple wisdom on a daily basis to help you live a happy, mindful and peaceful life. We have created these eBooks to provide practical information on the topics most important to you. Come explore.

Ebooks by Hack Spirit


$39 | $15

A simple set of mindfulness practices are revealed to help you break the cycle of anxiety, stress and unhappiness. 


$35 | $9

Unwrap the iconic teachings of Buddhism, and learn specific actions to reduce stress and lead a happy life.


$29 | $8

Gain insight into the world's most resilient people and the incredible traits they have in common.


$24| $6

A practical guide on how to go from flirting, to having fun, to making future plans.


$29| $8

Understand the important of self-responsibility and the power of taking action in your life.


$29| $8

Learn why positive thinking doesn't work and how you can develop a more powerful mindset.

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